Frequently asked questions


Below are questions that we get from time to time and we have provided our responses here.


If we have missed something, please let us know below and we’ll get back to you asap.

I don’t have a design. Can you help me get started?

A renovation can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to rethink your own space and identify its potential, so that you get the best possible home.


Our in-house design service is the perfect starting point if you’re not sure where to begin.


Our design service covers everything you need inside your home. We focus on the practical use of the space and uncovering the potential of your property.


You’ll find it easy to visualise the end result, because we design in-house using 3D computer software (CAD).


We specialise in the design of bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, joinery and floor plan reconfiguration.


Our design fees are charged on a flat fee basis.

I have plans from my interior designer/architect. Can you work from those?

Yes, we are experienced in working from plans from your architect, interior designer or builder. We work closely with our business partnerships, so we’re well accustomed to working with architecturally designed plans. We’ll manage the tendering process and then find the best team to bring your plans to life.

What types of suppliers in the building industry can you connect me with?

We have 351 trusted and licensed renovation suppliers on our books (and the number continues to grow). We’ll make recommendations to you based on your needs and you can decide who to engage.


The main types of suppliers we can connect you with are:

  • Builders
  • Joiners and kitchen companies
  • Benchtop and splashback companies
  • Draftsmen and architects
  • Interior designers
  • Engineers

How do you match me to the right supplier?

To match you with the right team we’ll:

  • Get to know you and your personality
  • Understand how you prefer to communicate with the team working on your project
  • Learn about your style and vision for the renovation
  • Handpick only suppliers that are a great fit for your personality and your project
  • Source suppliers who can deliver the quality of work, level of service and price that you are looking for. When sourcing suppliers we’ll analyse their quotes to provide you with in-depth recommendations and detailed costs.


With 351 suppliers on our books, we’ll be able to find the perfect team for you. We don’t charge for this service. We are paid by the suppliers you choose to work with.

How can I trust you to recommend suppliers on the basis of their suitability and not for the commission they pay you?

We’ve completed more than 1,000 projects. Most of those have come from word of mouth, which we earn by delivering great service at brilliant prices. You can see our 5-star reviews on Houzz, and we can put you in touch with past clients.


Also, we’re transparent. We’ll show you and analyse for you the quotes we get from suppliers. You can also check our quotes against those from suppliers you find for yourself to see that we’re getting you the best value for money.


And because every supplier pays us the same referral fee, we have no incentive to refer one supplier over another for any reason other than they’re the best fit for you. Our incentive is to save you money, and to maintain our reputation and 5-star status. We do that by finding you exactly the right people at the best value for money and staying available through the whole project.

I already have a builder, joiner or other supplier I’d like to use. Do I need to use your suppliers, or can you still help with my renovation in other ways?

We’re flexible and work with clients in different ways.


You may have a team already and just need help sourcing a particular supplier. For example, we’ve worked with clients who have their own builder and other suppliers, but who needed a joiner or kitchen company. We’ve called for the joinery tenders then provided an analysis of quotes and our recommendations.


We’ve also helped people who have already chosen their joiner or kitchen company, but who didn’t know where to start to find a builder.


We also offer a flat-rate fee consulting advice service. When you’ve sourced quotes from suppliers for your renovation you may not know if you’re getting a fair price and if everything you’ll need has been included. We’ll review the quotes you have sourced and give you our expert opinion on the prices and inclusions you’ve been quoted.


If our analysis shows the price is too high for your project, we’ll advise you on what it should be. If everything looks ok, we’ll give you the green light, so you’ll have the comfort of being able to lock in your suppliers and start renovating.


Sometimes, after going through this process, our clients have decided to go ahead with suppliers in our network, as they’ve seen the difference and value they are offering.

How do you charge?

Consultation Fee

Our consultation fee is charged on a flat-fee basis and covers your initial meeting with a team member to discuss your renovation.


Design services

Our in-house design services are charged on a flat-fee basis depending on the scope required.


Renovation broker services

Our business model is similar to that of other types of brokers (e.g. mortgage brokers). We’ll connect you with the right suppliers for your project, like interior designers, architects, builders, joiners, kitchen companies, stone masons and glaziers. We’ll make sure you get value for money.


We’re paid by the suppliers you choose as the perfect team for your project, just like the banks pay the mortgage brokers for what they do to bring everyone together.


Consulting Advisory Services

We charge a flat-fee to review the quotes you have sourced and give you our expert opinion on the prices and inclusions you’ve been quoted.


We charge an hourly rate to facilitate projects that require us to connect you to a draftsman, architect or design and build company, as we ensure that the process runs smoothly.


We tailor a consulting package for business to business clients (architects, builders and interior designers), to assist you during the joinery design and provisional sum process. Please enquire for pricing.


Interior Design Services

We charge an hourly rate to help specify final items for your renovation and gather quotes for you.

Will my renovation be more expensive with a broker involved?

There’s an excellent chance you’ll pay less by working with a broker. Our role is to get you value for money by ensuring no one takes advantage of you. We’ll source and analyse quotes as well as negotiate with our suppliers. We’ll get you better prices than you could on your own because we only work with builders, joiners and suppliers who:

  • Want a long-term relationship with us
  • Would like repeat work and referrals from happy clients
  • Price to reflect the help and involvement we offer during the project, and their savings on marketing costs and time


We are paid a referral fee that comes out of the suppliers’ profits. They can afford to do that because we make their lives easier as well as yours, which means they don’t raise their fees to cover our commission.

What makes your company different to any building, kitchen or bathroom company?

When you’re dealing directly with a builder, kitchen or a bathroom company, they can only sell you what they have on offer.


Improva is different because we are an independent company that is here to find and connect you with the right team to complete your renovation.


We are not trying to sell you anything other than advice on who we believe is the perfect fit for you and your project.


Unlike a building, kitchen or bathroom company, we have access to hundreds of different suppliers. The main types of suppliers we can connect you with are:

  • Builders
  • Joiners and kitchen companies
  • Benchtop and splashback companies
  • Draftsmen and architects
  • Interior designers
  • Engineers


After getting to know you and your vision for the project, we’ll handpick the right team for you. We offer transparent advice and our comparison analysis will give you options from numerous suppliers — many more than you’ll find if you go directly to a builder, kitchen or bathroom company.


You have the flexibility to pick and choose from our recommendations and to do your own research and due diligence on the quotes we provide. We want you to have confidence you are getting the best value for money.


You’ll save time and get better value for money from our suppliers than you could source on your own.

How can you save me time?

We’ll save you a significant amount of time by personally sourcing and recommending a trusted team to deliver your project.


Managing and costing a renovation or architecturally designed renovation project can also be overwhelming and time consuming. Getting quotes, working out what’s included and whether you’re getting a fair price isn’t a simple process.


For individuals, taking time off work each time you need to get a quote from a supplier is stressful. They only come to quote during business hours, and they might not turn up even after you’ve taken the time off work. For businesses, trying to get joiners to quote on projects, having reliable communication and delivering to timelines, means a lot of time is wasted for your staff.


Having Improva involved means you just have to deal with us. We’re a one-stop shop and we have the flexibility to meet you when you’re free — we work for many busy professionals and after-hours appointments are ok with us.


We’ll take the pressure off by doing everything for you from designing your renovation to sourcing quotes from our trusted network. We’ll analyse each quote and provide you with a thorough market snapshot via our comparison analysis.


You don’t have to devote months of your valuable time to your renovation for it to be a success. By working with us, you’ll have all the time you need to focus on your work and to spend time with your friends and family while your renovation happens seamlessly in the background.

Do you project manage renovations?



The responsibility for the project management of a renovation is in the hands of the builder or supplier engaged for the project. That’s because true project management for a renovation requires someone who is on site every day, opening up for trades, taking deliveries and organising the daily site tasks.


For a kitchen renovation, we are more heavily involved in this process from start to finish.


However, we’ll be there to help you and the suppliers working on your project if ever needed. We don’t just connect you with a team and walk away. We’re on the journey with you and working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order for your project.


Even though we’re not the “official” project managers for a renovation, our clients give us feedback and 5-star reviews because we stayed involved to ensure their project was smoothly and effortlessly managed. We don’t charge extra to do this. We see our role as not only to connect you to a quality team but being there to lend a hand when needed or to give advice if any issues arise.


By keeping an eye on the project, we make sure our clients are happy.





We manage the entire joinery and stonework process, ensuring timelines are met and the finished joinery work is to a standard that we all expect.


You will work with the same Improva team for all of your projects. All communication with the joiner, other renovation experts and trades come through us, ensuring consistency and freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.