Meet the team


You’ll find the Improva team is as excited about your renovation as you are. They also know renovating is often a big milestone in your life. They’re experienced renovators who share Blake’s values of making renovating fun and enjoyable for each and every client.


And if your project includes a new kitchen, you’ll find you’re in particularly safe hands, because our whole team are enthusiastic home cooks who know exactly how a kitchen needs to work. They will bring that hands-on perspective to creating yours.


I'm a renovation geek with over 15 years experience in the renovation industry. I'm passionate about design and helping my clients by guiding them through the renovation maze so horror stories don’t happen. I'm so fortunate to be living my dream of running a family business, and having a great team behind me. A sports enthusiast, whether it be surfing, tennis, golf or any other sport known to man. My true love is my wife Emily, daughter Grace and my entire extended family.

Blake Riley

Renovation Geek & Director

A young designer, with a passion for residential architecture. Coming from a manufacturing background, he has found love in managing projects, problem solving and bringing excitement to your project. He is driven to learn, takes satisfaction in knowing his clients are happy and always goes above and beyond, making him the perfect person in your corner to help you during your renovation. Mitchell is a big friendly giant and will make the best of friends with any of your furry companions.

Mitchell Prohm

Client & Supplier Manager

An industrial designer with over 6 years' experience designing furniture products and joinery. She is passionate about cooking, so is able to design beautiful and functional kitchens and any other bespoke spaces for our clients. She enjoys being the go-to person during the renovation for those little questions that may be bugging you. When she is not working you can find her surfing, doing yoga or enjoying a camping trip. Alicia believes we are lucky to live on such a beautiful planet and loves an adventure holiday to discover more of it.

Alicia Gonzalez

Designer & Client Support

With over 20 years’ experience, Adam still gets excited with his clients projects that are “renovator delights”. He has also completed 8 renovation projects of his own, so he understands first-hand what our clients are going through. You may also recognise him, as Adam & Fiona, competed in and won the first series of the biggest renovation show in Australia – The Block. He's been married to Fiona for 15 years now and has two beautiful daughters. His biggest passions are renovation/design, his family and snowboarding.

Adam Thorn

Designer & Renovation Broker

Having spent 15 years as a Production Manager in the television industry in the UK and Australia, I convinced Emily to hang up her TV boots and divide her time between being a mum to our daughter, Grace, and working with me in an industry that she initially had no idea about. Luckily for me, Emily is now really enjoying being part of our family business. If she's not working or running around after Grace, you’ll find her doing a hit class at the gym, socialising with friends or travelling.

Emily Riley

Finance & Marketing Manager

Simone is passionate about being supportive for new clients and ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. With a background in interior design, she understands the value of having a beautiful home that you will love forever. She is there to assist you with any of your enquiries so you feel confident throughout the consultation stage. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends or getting creative with cake decorating.

Simone Hayes

Personal Assistant

I’m the daughter of Blake and Emily. I love eating, laughing, singing and having a blast of a time. I keep my mummy and daddy on their toes when they are not at work making their clients happy.

Grace Riley

Daughter & Little Terror



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