As renovation brokers, we can play several roles in your renovation depending on the scale of your plans — from design and interiors to joinery tendering and management of architectural projects.


With an expert team on your side, you’ll know upfront what’s feasible. When it’s all over you won’t be exhausted and there’s no danger you’ll be living with expensive mistakes or poor service.



Our design service covers everything you need inside your home. We focus on the practical use of the space.


We’ll get to know you, your style and your vision for your home. For a flat fee, we’ll design in-house using 3D computer software that makes it easy for you to see what the end result will look like. Your home will not only look great but you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re getting the most out of the space you have available.

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That’s because:

  • We’re experienced at structural optimisation (use of space).
  • We’ll listen to what you want and find a way to make it happen if we can. If it can’t be done, we’ll explain why, and we’ll find an alternative you’ll love.

“Blake completely revolutionised the space. He tripled my preparation space and my bench space. I call him a wizard. —
Karen Markakis


If anything in the design needs council approval, we’ll connect you with our trusted network of draftsman, building designers and architects.


Working with existing plans


We can also use plans you already have from an architect, interior designer or builder. We’ll work from these, manage the tendering process and connect you to the right team to build the project.


The outstanding teams we assemble are the biggest reason our clients recommend us to their friends. It’s also why our long-standing business partnerships with Builders, Architects and Interior Designers has grown over the years and continue to feed us work. And this broker service is completely FREE to you.

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Renovating on your own means spending months trying to find suppliers, getting quotes and hoping you’ve evaluated their skills accurately. When a renovation is large, there can be many different suppliers involved. It’s a big job to coordinate on your own. It’s made even more stressful if you spend the whole process uncertain if you’ve made the right choices.


Renovating doesn’t have to mean praying it’s all going to work out in the end. Builders and suppliers are only in our network if we trust them enough to work on our own homes.


The key to a successful renovation is great project management and communication between all parties. That’s why we recommend suppliers from our network who will match your communication style and personality. It’s so important for all parties to get on well from the start.


We’ll take the pressure off by sourcing quotes from our trusted network, analysing each one and providing you with a thorough market snapshot via our comparison analysis. We’ll then make in-depth recommendations and detail costs, inclusions and exclusions.


We get paid by the suppliers you choose because we’ve matched you with the perfect people to work on your renovation. We don’t get paid unless we do our job extremely well by connecting you with amazing suppliers that you are confident to engage.


Experts to check joinery and stonework 


When you’ve engaged Improva and our recommended renovation suppliers, we’ll help you manage any joinery and stonework (e.g. for kitchens, laundries, wardrobes and bathrooms). We’ll be there at the check measure meetings to make sure all is accurate, review the joiner’s production plans and also co-ordinate a production plan sign-off meeting with you. We’ll also pop in during installation to ensure it all looks amazing.


You’ll be kept fully informed on the stages of the joinery work and installation dates. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing there’s an extra pair of eyes helping manage this important work.


Help at any time during the renovation 


When you’ve engaged Improva and our recommended renovation suppliers, you’ll have a support team by your side through the process. We don’t just connect our clients and vanish.


No question is too small. We’re always happy to advise or lend a hand. We’ve helped more than a thousand clients to renovate, so probably have the answer. If we don’t have the answer on the spot, we’ll go and find it for you.


We also offer a flat-rate fee or hourly rate consulting advice service pending what is required.

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When you’ve sourced quotes from suppliers for your renovation you may not know if you’re getting a fair price and if everything you’ll need has been included. For at flat-fee, we’ll review the quotes you have sourced and give you our expert opinion on the prices and inclusions you’ve been quoted.


If our analysis shows the price is too high for your project, we’ll advise you on what it should be. If everything looks ok, we’ll give you the green light, so you’ll have the comfort of being able to lock in your suppliers and start renovating.


Our hourly rate consulting advice service is for projects that require us to connect you to a draftsman, architect or design and build company. We facilitate this process and ensure it runs smoothly.


For our business to business clients, such as architects, builders and interior designers, we offer a tailored consulting service to assist you during the joinery design and provisional sum process. Please enquire for pricing.


If you have engaged us for your project and require our help to specify the hard finishes for your renovation, source quotes from our preferred suppliers, take you to showrooms and gather samples for you, we have an Interior Design package to suit you. This service coupled with our CAD design service, ensures a functional but also aesthetically pleasing end result.


When you got a home loan, perhaps you used a mortgage broker. The broker arranged your home loan by connecting you with the right loan and the right lender. The broker’s role is to get you the best deal for your goals and to use their expertise to submit an application on your behalf. The broker’s fees were paid by the bank and not by you. Why? Because the bank values the work the broker does in smartly presenting your application and in bringing new business to the bank.


As renovation brokers, our business model is similar. Our role is to connect our clients and business partnerships with the right builders, joiners, stone masons and other suppliers for a fair price. We source suppliers, assess their quotes then connect you to the right people for your project. We don’t charge for this service. We are paid by the builders and suppliers you choose to work with.


That means we don’t get paid if we don’t do our job well by finding you a team you’re excited to work with.


Involving a broker in your renovation doesn’t mean you’re going to pay a premium to renovate. We’ll get you better prices from our suppliers because we only work with builders and suppliers who want a win-win scenario:

  • They value our clients and their long-term relationship with Improva.
  • They would like repeat work from us and referrals from you because you’ve had a great experience.
  • They price to reflect the savings they’ve made on time and marketing costs.

Our philosophy is that we want our clients and business partnerships to be happy and to get value for their money.


That’s why we don’t just forward quotes to you. The team will take the time to analyse the quote line by line. If they think an item is too high, they’ll go back to the builder or supplier. Only then will they give you a detailed explanation of every element.


Not only are you getting a better price than you could get on your own, you’re getting our assistance right through your project. If you’re in any doubt about that, you can take our detailed quote to other builders or suppliers to verify that we’re getting you an amazing price with no hidden costs.


To learn more about how we could work with you to make your renovation easier, please contact us.



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