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Blake Riley, a renovation geek, founded Improva to make home renovation easier. During his 15 years in the kitchen and renovation industry, Blake’s design clients would regale him with their renovation horror stories. They told him how things went wrong because they didn’t have the time, the experience or the connections to the right people who could do the best job.


Renovators also talked of similar challenges. They talked about the difficulty in getting people to turn up to quote, pushy salespeople with their own interests, and builders or kitchen companies who went missing during a job. And they had no one to turn to for advice when communication broke down. Many never wanted to renovate again, which frustrated Blake. He could see the problem wasn’t the renovation; the problem was the team.


Similarly, Builders, Architects and Interior Designers also expressed frustration with their existing joinery suppliers and yearned for a one-stop shop from tendering through to joinery management.


Blake’s design clients often told him they trusted him and wished he could stay involved after the design, to help them handle their entire renovation. They would ask him to at least recommend great suppliers (builders, kitchen companies and joiners) who could make their renovation happen as smoothly as the kitchen design.


Blake was happy to connect his clients with the amazing suppliers he knew without asking for anything in return. He just enjoyed the satisfaction of helping his clients as well as referring new business to other small business owners.


Clients would be thrilled with their renovation and loved the entire experience. Blake would get calls and gifts thanking him for the great connections to the right suppliers.


Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or any other part of the home, the results are so much more rewarding when you have the right team.


The idea of offering his services as a renovation broker was born after Blake and his wife purchased their first property to renovate thanks to the support and skills of a mortgage broker. The broker was a pleasant contrast to the sales pressure Blake had experienced from the banks. Not only was the broker enjoyable to deal with, he knew the industry inside out. Blake saved a serious amount of time and got a better rate with terms in his favour — great service for which the broker didn’t charge Blake anything.


Blake’s wife suggested that the mortgage broker model was exactly what the renovation industry needed. It was the perfect way to extend the services offered by Improva. This model would enable Blake to follow his passion of helping people while also combatting the challenges faced by renovators. The suppliers Blake was already referring

work to were also more than happy to formalise an arrangement with Blake, and to pay him a referral fee out of their profits to say thanks. They said paying Blake would actually make them feel better about receiving so much business from Blake. They appreciated the help to grow their businesses.


Today, Improva has transformed the renovation industry by offering a unique model that makes renovating effortless. Blake and his team design projects, arrange quotes, negotiate on price and connect renovators to Improva’s trusted industry connections.


Improva’s work has been featured on Houzz, where it has won design and service awards. Blake himself was chosen to work on the Foxtel show Love It Or List It. (They loved it.).


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You’ll find the Improva team is as excited about your renovation as you are. They also know renovating is often a big milestone in your life. They’re experienced renovators who share Blake’s values of making renovating fun and enjoyable for each and every client.


And if your project includes a new kitchen, you’ll find you’re in particularly safe hands, because our whole team are enthusiastic home cooks who know exactly how a kitchen needs to work. They will bring that hands-on perspective to creating yours.


To talk to one of our friendly experts about any questions you have for your renovation contact us.





If you’re experiencing challenges with your existing joinery suppliers and want a one-stop shop, from tendering through to joinery management, Improva can help.


Businesses come to us to make the entire process quicker, streamlined, and stress-free, and to minimise the risk of having a joinery horror story. As joinery brokers, we make joinery effortless.


We complete a comprehensive tender process, providing you with 3 joinery prices. With our due diligence, we will recommend you the best-suited supplier. We can also offer advice on areas to save if the quotes come in higher than budgeted.



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